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The Most Renowned Foot Insignes in the Football History

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There are only a handful of sports in the world that are more than a hundred years old. Sports like golf, marathon running, and football are some of the longest lasting. The way in which sports evolve can be seen in the sports equipment used as well as the insignes worn. Get In The Hole covered the evolution of golf ball compression to trace the origins of how the golf ball has changed over time. It has been around in the field of sports since the ancient times. Throughout the course of such long years, with countless games, tournaments and championships across different countries around the world, millions of football insignes have been created. Insignes are certainly a pretty significant part of football history. After all, it’s a memoir of a football game –may it be a good game or a bad one.

Football is a really marvelous game. It’s no wonder a great number of people are so passionate about it, that they’re actually willing to go all out for their passion, collecting old and new insignes from different football games throughout the globe. For passionate football insigne collectors, football insignes are way and far more than just a small piece of imprinted metal. It’s a remembrance of a football game story.

Here are some of the most renowned foot insignes in the football history around the world:

Urania-Genève-Sport-Logo1. Club Athletique de Genève

Club Athletique de Geneve is a famous insigne from the Athletic Club in Geneva. CAG came from the initials of the athletic club founded in 1899. It is under the technical specialist disciplines of Geneva. They offer specific training for other sports like high jump, long jump, triple jump, sprint, and hurdles, which are all helpful for the trainings in football.

2. CS Chênois

This insigne came from the Club Sportif Chênois, a Swiss football association formed in 1907. Club Sportif Chênois is classified in three municipalities; namely, Chêne-Bourg, Thônex Chêne-Bourg, and Switzerland.

3. Etoile Carouge

Etoile Carouge is another gem for football insigne collectors. It’s from Étoile Carouge FC, a Swiss football team from Carouge founded in 1904.

4. Urania Genève Sports

This treasure right here is another popular insigne. It’s from the Swiss omnisport club Urania Genève Sport – another sports association from Geneva. It was founded in 1896. The name of the club is actually the Swiss cup that the team won against Young Boys in 1929.

5. Servette Genève

Servette Genève is one of Servette FC’s insignes. Servette FC is another Swiss football club from Geneva. The club was transferred to the third division around 2004 and 2005 due to bankruptcy. For people who have genuine passion for football, insignes are like gems. They may be minute, but they are very precious.